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Electric Scooters - The Best Way To Get Around Toronto

Before COVID-19 happened, Toronto had the second-worst traffic in all of Canada. Drivers spent almost 142 hours per year being stuck in traffic and those traffic delays would increase by around 60% during the morning and evening rush hours. Commuters who use Toronto public transport like TTC or busses can face congestion, subway delays and cancellations. As fellow Torontonians, these issues are all too common and we can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard about people looking to shorten their commute time or trying to find a better way of getting around Toronto. Luckily, the answer is simple: the best...

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Segway Ninebot ES2 vs Segway Ninebot ES4 (Review the Differences)

Today we are going to break it down to you and review the differences between the Segway Ninebot ES2 and the Segway Ninebot ES4.     The main difference between these two models in terms of the hardware is solely on the additional external battery that the Segway Ninebot ES4 has. In summary: Ninebot ES2 + additonal external battery = Ninebot ES4.   In terms of the performance, there will be some noticeable differences when compared. The top speed will increase from 25kmh to 30kmh, where as the range will increase from 25km to 45km, that's a lot of difference. ...

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Electric Scooter Accessories for your Xiaomi M365 or M365 Pro

In this blog we take a look at a few of the accessories you can get for your Xiaomi M365 or M365 Pro electric scooter. Many of these accessories will fit most brands of electric scooter but not all however, we can absolutely confirm that they will work with the Xiaomi scooter range. Electric scooters are already a lot of fun but with a few small additions you can make them even more practical, which in turn makes them even more fun than they were to start with. Xiaomi M365 Phone Holder The main accessory that will make a huge...

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Xiaomi Pro2 und 1S: Preise, Daten und Alternativen

Die Xiaomi E Scooter mit Strassenzulassung rollen auf den deutschen E Scooter Markt zu. Wie zuvor der Ninebot G30D werden die beiden Xiaomi E Scooter, 1S und Pro2, wohl einschlagen in der E Scooter Community wie eine Bombe. Davon ist auszugehen. Denn bereits Ihre Vorgänger, der Ninebot ES2 und der Xiaomi M365, prägten vor der Legalisierung das Bild vom typischen E Scooter. Wir haben bereits über die beiden neuen Xiaomi E Scooter mit Strassenzulassung ausführlich berichtet. Hier haben wir nun jedoch einige Neuigkeiten für euch parat: Xiaomi 1S und Pro2 Preise und neue Infos Nun scheinen die Preise auch von offizieller Seite bestätigt worden zu...

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The Xiaomi M365 is the best electric scooter for range, speed and price.

How we get to work has always been a toss up between how much time you are willing to spend cramped up into a small space like sardines or how long you can endure persistent rain and wind. That decision has now changed as we move into more uncertain times the choice we make in getting to work could be the difference between life and death. Stepping aboard an electric scooter such as the Xiaomi M365 therefore is the perfect solution for avoiding public transport. Electric scooters have grown in popularity over recent years. This growth has also seen a number of...

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