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Gotway ACM V3 Electric Unicycle 1020wh/84V

Gotway ACM V3 Electric Unicycle 1020wh/84V

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Gotway ACM V3- high-speed 16 inches touring unicycle

Gotway formerly labeled the ACMv3 as Tesla, but due to copyright of the same-named car maker we cannot label it as such here.

Technical specifications


Materials PVC, aluminium pedals
Dimensions (HxLxD) 17.1 x 22.8 x 7.5 inches
Wheel diameter 16 inches
Weight 42 lbs
Motor 1900 watt continuous power
Maximum speed Up to 31 mph (differs by battery & driver weight)
Maximum load 220 lbs (we recommend Gotway MSuper X for heavier riders)
Maximum range Up to 45 miles
(testdriver 135 lbs, flat paved road, 70°F)
Maximum incline angle 20° with 200 lbs load

1020 Wh (84 V)

Charging time 8 hrs
Charger 100-240 V~, Output 84 V-, 1.75 A
Operating temperature 20-100°F
Safety app-configurable speed alerts
shutdown at 45° side-tilt / 35° forward or backward tilt
warning alert at PCB temperature> 160°F
low voltage alert
adjustable pedal angle
shutdown after 2 seconds without ground contact
low battery alert
pedals braking support
Case features charging port
power button (also controls front light LED)
LED front light
side panel programmable LED rings
USB port for charging external devices
extendable trolley handle
Other features Bluetooth 4.0 for connecting App (Kebye)
2x 25W Bluetooth Music Speakers (largest volume among all EUC)
Lift sensor (stops wheel from spinning when lifted)

Key highlights


Product maturity The ACMv3 is the 5th iteration of Gotway's successful 16 inches series. The design is proven and mature and is the most affordable EUC in the high-performance arena.
Key upgrades over the 4th generation is the twin Bluetooth speaker system and the lift sensor that prevents the wheel from spinning while carrying.
Performance The Tesla series features a 84 Volt design with four parallel battery packs of 20 3.5Ah latest generation Panasonic battery cells. This battery setup coupled with a 1900 Watt motor and a fan-cooled PCB is the base for it's massive power.
Despite smaller overall battery capacity and motor power than the 18 inches MSuper series, the torque at low and mid speeds exceeds that of larger more powerful EUCs making it more suitable for hill-climbing.


scope of delivery
  • ACM v3 with built-in battery
  • charger
  • user manual
shipping & payment
  • same day handling if orderd before 9am
  • 3-8 days delivery time
  • payment by PayPal and common credit cards
  • 1 year warranty
  • aftersales service in CA, spare parts available



Is the Gotway ACMv3 suited for off-road driving.

Gotway's 16 inches series is built for city driving on flat roads. It's compact design and low center of gravity provide a dynamic and foreceful driving experience on pavement. The low pedal clearance however constrains off-road maneuverability. We recommend the Nikola or MSuper X series for more ambitious off-road driving ambitions.

What's the difference between Tesla and the Gotway ACM series

Gotway renamed the ACM series to Tesla in 2018. The motor was upgraded from 1300 Watt to 1900 Watt, the PCB was fitted with a bigger heat?0?1?0?1sink and dual-cooling fans. Additional features added were the LED rings on both sides and the retractable trolley. The overall however was kept very similar.


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